A major revision to the OKS manual and forms was done in October 2015 and published on this website.  All future changes to the manual and forms will be available on this website in a timely manner.  As the changes are made they will be listed in chronological order in an article on the homepage called Revision History. This will be your way to keep track of changes made to the website since your last visit. Other advantages for using the web are:

  • You can view this website on a Smartphone in a “responsive mode” which means it adapts to the screen resolution of the mobile device you are using.
  • You can use the icon on each article to print out what you are viewing or email a link to the article. Your way of printing out the chapters you need a hardcopy of.

The Health Services Board and the Vision Committee hope you enjoy the OKS online version..

The OKS Operations Manual has the same structure as previous versions. You can access each chapter by clicking on the chapter title below or by clicking on the OKS Manual tab above. To print the chapter you are reading you select the icon (looks like a gear) in the upper right corner which allows you to either print or email by clicking on the down arrow.

Cover Page - this is the cover page for the OKS Operations Manual

Introduction – provides an overview of Operation KidSight, important reading for everyone

Zone and Club Planning – guides you in determining what screening events will be done by your club

Event Preparation – all the work needing to be done to prepare for the Screening Event

Screening Event – what gets done at the screening – setup, screening and wrap-up

Wrap-up/Reporting – reporting of screening results to the District and other follow up work needing to be done

To access the OKS forms you click on the OKS Forms tab above which is just to the right of the OKS Manual tab.

April 20, 2016 –New Screening Event Summary form

The form (screening_event_summary_v1) is a new form

  • This form is be used for both 44N and 44H submissions
  • Instructions for filling out the form is on the second page of the form

The manual has also been changed to link to the new form inThe Screening Eventchapter under Wrap-up and theWrap-Up/Reportingchapter under Report to District.


June 15, 2016 - added a Word version of the Thank You Letter in the Forms section.

We thank the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services for providing Lions the files for all the schools and licensed daycare centers across NH. We have been able to use their data to create a report sorted by zone and club for all the schools and daycare centers in the communities Lions serve.You can get the School and Daycares of NH 44N or School and Daycares of NH 44H and print the pages specific to your zone and club.